The Cactus and Succulent Society of America (CSSA), founded in 1929, is a worldwide community of avid gardeners, hobby and commercial horticulturists, nurserymen, and professional scientists who all share an appreciation for cacti and other types of succulent plants.

The objectives of the Society are reflected in our Mission Statement
  • Jan-Feb 2015


    Production of artisanal mezcal, tequila's sassy little sister
    Dan Mahr

    Echinocereus russanthus ssp. weedinii, from the Davis Mountains, Texas
    Gerhard & Gisela Boehm

    Aloe phylogeny: pros and cons
    Gordon D. Rowley

    Rank adjustments for the infraspecific taxa of Sansevieria pinguicula P.R.O.Bally (Asparagaceae/Dracaenaceae)
    Leonard E. Newton & Joachim Thiede

    An early record of Aloe alexandrei from the island of Grand Comore?
    Joachim Thiede

    Superb Succulents
    Duke Benadom

    Petrosedum pruinatum: a rare European stonecrop
    Ray stephenson

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  • From the Editor
    Root Gorelick

    Flowering phenology and observations on the pollination biology of South American cacti. 1. Denmoza rhodacantha
    Urs Eggli and Mario Giorgetta

    Experimental evidence of reproductive isolation between Astrophytum coahuilense (H. Möller) Kayser and A. capricornevar. senile (Fric) Okumura (Cactaceae)
    Richard Montanucci

    Imperfect flowers of Opuntia fragilis in Kaladar, Ontario
    Yaseen Mottiar, Paul D.J. Chafe, and Eric Ribbens

    Karyotypes, heterochromatin and physical mapping of rDNA in vine Cactaceae (Hylocereinae)
    Natalia Cecilia Moreno, M.A. Laura Las Peñas, and G. Bernardello

    Mescaline concentrations in three principal tissues of Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae): Implications for sustainable harvesting practices
    Molly T. Klein, M. Kalam, Keeper Trout, Norma Fowler, and Martin Terry

    Effect of culture conditions on stomatal density and stomatal index in four cactus species
    Virginia Herrera-Martínez, Luis Rios-Hernández, Cristina Garcidueñas-Piña, Aldo Lara-Ibarra, Araceli Adabache-Ortiz, Ruth Elena Soria-Guerra, Eugenio Pérez-Molphe-Balch, and José Francisco Morales-Domínguez

    Why vegetative propagation of leaf cuttings is possible in succulent and semi-succulent plants
    Root Gorelick

    Sedum piaxtlaense (Crassulaceae), a new species from Durango, México
    Jerónimo Reyes Santiago, Julia Etter, and Martin Kristen

    Gentry revisited: the agaves of Baja California, México
    Robert H. Webb and Greg Starr

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